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D H A R M A - S T U D Y

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Tuesday Evening 
Dharma Talk

7:00 pm zazen - 30 minute sit

pm Dharma talk & discussion

Dana (donation) of $10 is suggested


If at high risk or immunocompromised, please mask-up.

July 2 James Yakusan Barham

July 9 Art Shindo Mandler

July 16 Rev. Joshin Bachoux

July 23 Randal Daigu Pride

July 30 Rev. Teijo Munnich


We've moved to:

227 Edgewood Ave.

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Recorded Lectures

Great Tree online talks
GT archived talks on YouTube
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Yearning for the Ancient Ways_T.Munnich_6-26-13
MP3 audio lecture

Suzuki Roshi video on zazen


Dharma Eye Soto Zen Journal

Soto Zen homepage

Dogen Institute

The Dogen Institute is the educational outreach arm of the Sanshin Zen Community The Institute provides educational opportunities for all who are interested in the study of Dogen Zenji and his teachings.


Zazen Instruction
1st Tuesday - 6 pm

Register by Mon or not held
by Email or Tel-msg 828-398-4212
Dana of $20 requested

Notes on Zazen
In the Middle of the Muddle
- Randal Daigu Pride